„I want a dyke as president. I want a person with aids as president.” („I want a president…“, Zoe Leonard, 199)


We want a vulva as president. In our queer mega galactic Manifesto, the vulvas speak. Our symbolic
vulvas represent those of the ancient vagina loquens ( talking vaginas ) the folklore motif of the ‘talking
cunt’. Our Manifesto is founded on the principles of consensual communication and values which
uphold community, sociality, respect and awareness. In our manifesto, the vulva speaks about RADICAL
SELF-CARE, about their NEEDS and DESIRES. Our Manifesto is rough, filthy, bloody, loud and soft. Our
Manifesto is revolting. Our Manifesto is a daily ritual of self-acceptance and self-affirmation and conjures
the queer in our present and future.

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  • INFO

    15 min
    Joni Barnard
    Mmakgosi Kgabi
    Elisa Purfürst

    Uraufführung Juni 2019
    Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin
    Im Rahmen des Festivals „The Present is not Enough“

    ABGESAGT Gastspiel im Rahmen des flausen+ BANDEN!-Festivals, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, Mai 2020